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Andrew Glassop
Manager of the Western Plains Cultural Centre!connect-with-us/c1t14
Andrew gave a welcome to the Dubbo Symposium
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Jo Holder
Co-convenor FFA, The Cross Arts Projects
Jo Holder Talk
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Jessica Moore
Collection Officer of the Western Plains Cultural Centre!connect-with-us/c1t14
Jessica spoke about the WPCC collection
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Simone Taylor
Local Studies Officer, Dubbo Branch
Simone spoke about archives and the Pearl Gibbs project

Eric Riddler
AGNSW Archive
Eric spoke on the 1995 National Women’s Art Exhibition and its representation in Dubbo and the DAAO.
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Dr Gillian Fuller
UNSW National Institute for Experimental Arts, DAAO
Gillian gave a ‘How to DAAO’ workshop 


Jo Holder
Catriona Moore
Eric Riddler
Jessica Moore
Catherine Hickson
Melissa Ryan
Ruby Davies
Gillian Fuller



Louise Kate Anderson
Lynette Riley


Lynette Riley, Pearl Gibbs ‘Gambanyi’ Kangaroo Cloak, 2016. > Download as pdf
Eric Riddler > Download ppt presentation
Simone Taylor - delivered on the day by Jocelyn Morris. > Download as pdf