CAF Minutes 04 — July 31, 2014

CAF Minutes 04

CAF Steering Committee Meeting Cross Arts Projects

July 31st, 2014

Present: Elizabeth Day, Mary Scott, Ingrid van der Aa, Kate Williams, Jacqueline Rose, Jo Holder, Tess Allas, Catriona Moore, Paula do Prado, Sylvia Griffith

Apologies: Jacqueline Millner, Jasmin Stevens, Jane Polkinghorne, Anna Gibbs, Julie Ewington

1. Minutes of last meeting accepted, matters arising: question of ‘bus trip’ at October events discussed, thought that it was too hard to organise in the time available (nb for future reference – Tess Allas has bus DL). Jane Polkinghorne now again webmistress for any proposals. Discussed need to keep website active and visible.

2. Jo outlined the CAF October events, Michael Birchall secured for 23rd keynote. Confirmed Friday master classes on site at SCA, Saturday host venue – discussion.

3. Jo outlined 2015 Future Feminist Archive ideas – for artist/researchers. Felt that a broader category than simply ‘artists’ would be more representative and open-ended. Some projects require scoping of archives. ACTION: Jo will present a report on the FFA at the October event

4. Discussion on the FFA at the October Conference, writing up material on each research ‘lab’ along with a call-out for local artists (??). Discussion regarding the role of the DAAO /a DAAO workshop and how the DAAO would be meshed into the archive venues and projects. Tess Allas explained the Storylines project and its relation to the DAAO. Q: Storylines should be linked to CAF?

5. Jo thought that a Timeline was needed for the FFA, and to publicise national (other states) events. Tess noted work /possible links with Fiona Salmon and Flinders University Art Museum/Gallery for Jo to contact re their venue and library as possible archive. Mary noted Kylie Johnson at CAT and Plimsoll Gallery in Hobart to explore FFA links. Q: residency and fees for artists. Mary thought the idea of the archive needed to be clarified further so that artists, possible host venues are clear on what is being envisaged.

6. Jo elaborated the Euraba Paper Makers at Moree/Judy Watson partnership as model. Are looking for another artist to work at Boggabilla and T (?) Merioogal House in Nowra is another good model, with its own archive.

7. Liz Day noted that Lily Hibberd & Bonney Djurik would be working at Parramatta. There was some discussion of projects. Discussion about the Parramatta projects – which will be assembled as documentation, to be screened/presented at the CAF October event in three areas: front 2 rooms at SCA. Liz to present on the project.

8. Jo will do the same for the East Timor Leste project. Jo also noted the possibility of the Warmun Women’s inter-generational project. Kate noted that the 2 front rooms at SCA would accommodate these 3 projects as satellites.

9. Paula do Prado suggested a Zine Fair-style archival project for the FFA in March. Collections are easy to access, eg the State Library. Jo agreed that Raquel Ormella is also looking at cartooning as a link up with the FFA. Suggested Paula and Racquel get together to think about for project lead-in events. Paula could do zine workshops as well as a lead-in. Need for a call-out EOI now. Ideal would to be host lead-in events in December, February – before the March event. Noted that the MCA ‘Zine Fair is in May, W’gong, N’castle (?)

10. Sylvia noted that Screen Australia archives are important and endangered. Will ask Anna Nolan to present (?) on this issue. Facing massive cutbacks, loss of material.

11. Kate suggested archives at Callan Park itself. Need to give this massive archive/s some more thought – possibly connect with Anne Ferran and Friends of Callan Park (Roslyn Berge) on this. Jo noted the importance of an activist slant on these ‘endangered’ archive projects. Paula noted the digitalisation of archives around the world going hand in hand with the loss of the actual physical archives.

12. Jo noted the need to get media & publicity going for October. Mary noted that November 1st event (Hobart) was to be a taster for the March Tasmanian events – with paired speakers at CAT, talking on art practice – half local, half interstate participants). She will use arts at work (Tasmania) & Arts Hub for promo material. Kate suggested getting Michael & Maura to do interviews. Discussion of media outlets: Friends of the AGNSW, e-flux, CAS spaces distribution networks, Art & Education, E-art Now, ocular, AAANZ and Power lists.

13. Kate will follow up Transient ARIs, Articulate for ARI archive (NAVA has these). Jo and Sylvia will check with Museums and Galleries NSW association to ask for $ or in-kind support.   Business arising October event: Confirmed Warmun artists; publicity already in motion, interviews lined up, eg fbi; USYD marketing and comms; Liz Day met with JM and will probably install in smaller installation space at SCA