Project: The F Word — January 27, 2014

The F Word is a multifaceted feminist art project spanning three years (2012-2014). Comprised of a series of workshops, seminars, exhibitions and public events, this project explores contemporary feminist art in Victoria.

Curator: Caroline Phillips

Featured in 2012, A Dinner Party; setting the table was a two week residency at West Space, Melbourne.

Drawing on the legacy of Judy Chicago's Dinner Party, which came to Melbourne in 1988, the program revisits past archives, explores contemporary and alternate voices, and posits future strategies.

Film programs, knitting workshop, feminist forums and food events were hosted by Victoria Duckett and Caroline Phillips, bringing together a range of artists, writers, historians, academics and feminists. 

Full program and more information on A Dinner Party; setting the table is available here.

“Hit me if I smile”, 2010, Inez de Vega

In 2013 a Regional Feminist Art Forum was held at Latrobe Visual Art Centre, Bendigo, to explore regional issues and hear the concerns of regional feminist artists.
In 2014, a special International Women's Day event took place in Melbourne CBD.

The Technopia Tours Feminist Art Bus Tour was curated by Kim Donaldson and Caroline Phillips. Journeying through the CBD and over the West Gate bridge to Melbourne's West, the bus load of artists and art lovers enjoyed performance art and spoken word onboard the bus, with stops at key feminist public art works and locations, including Technopark Studios in Williamstown.
The final year of the project, 2014, saw The f Word publication launch and two exhibitions at Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale and Ararat Regional Art Gallery, Ararat.

The f Word Sale, July 19 - September 7, featured Catherine Bell, Penny Byrne, Filomena Coppola, Kate Just, Jill Orr, Clare Rae, Elvis Richardson.

The f Word Ararat, August 28 - October 12, featured Kate Beyon, Karen Buczynski-Lee, Destiny Deacon, Laurene Dietrich, Eliza-Jane Gilchrist, Janice Gobey, Georgia MacGuire, Robyn Massey, Caroline Phillips, Louise Saxton Inez de Vega, Lyndal Walker

Full details of all exhibitions and events here.
This project is supported by the Melbourne Social Equity Institute

and the ‘Matters of the Body’ Research Cluster at Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne.

Curated by Caroline Phillips