Alison Alder, Australia, "When the Close a Pit The kill a Community", 1984.  Redback Graphix
Australia, 1979 - 1994

Alison Alder at Future Feminist Archive in Wollongong

Alison Alder and Mini Graff are Future Feminist Archive artist/researchers based at Wollongong Art Gallery. Alison reports from the University of Wollongong Archive where she is researching the Kembla Coal and Coke Miners’ Women’s Auxiliary. Alison’s first assignment as a raw arrival to Redback Graphix from Melbourne in 1984, was to make a poster for the KCC…


Call Out: Full Flight participants, 1980-1983

Future Feminist Archive brings together a cross-section of people in communities across NSW to  to discuss ways to create connections between local archives and local feminist histories. Led by community members and archive specialists it aims to consider ways of recovering archives that have been forgotten. It explores new relationships between archives and feminism. Future…


Guerilla Archives on the Illawarra

Archives can be rich sources of information, inspiration and practical advice for artists, film‐makers and others. Within unassuming boxes, cabinets and other storage areas can be found a treasure trove of documents, artefacts, artworks and audiovisual material. Photographs, film, drawings, prints, letters, manuscripts, publications as well as other more ephemeral material such as pamphlets and…


Mini Graff at FFA in Wollongong

            The news story that “inspired” Mini Graff: Visit Mini Graff: LIKE Mini on Facebook This work by Mini Graff was produced as part of Mini’s Future Feminist Archive residency at Wollongong Art Gallery. Mini’s residency was supported by Arts NSW.  


Future Feminist Archive and DAAO in Wollongong

FUTURE FEMINIST ARCHIVE WOLLONGONG SYMPOSIUM & HOW TO DAAO WORKSHOP Sunday 10 May, 1-4pm, Wollongong Art Gallery Future Feminist Archive Wollongong Symposium, 1-2pm With Jo Holder (FFA co-convenor), artists Alison Alder and Mini Graff, archivist Susan Jones (Wollongong University) and Gillian Fuller (UNSW) & Eric Riddler (AGNSW archives). For the 40th Anniversary of International Women’s Year, Future…

Julie Ewington

Future Feminist Archive – March 2015 Launch for 40th Anniversary of International Women’s Year

Future Feminist Archive is a yearlong project across Australia, in which artists, archivist and art historians engage with archives and collections of all kinds to create exhibitions, workshops, performances and publishing outcomes. Future Feminist Archive is, therefore, styled as a “hypothetical” question. The project will forge connections between diverse community histories and current ideas relating…