f generation

Event: f generation

f generation: feminism, art, progressions is a collaborative platform for exploring feminism in contemporary art. 2015 marks 40 years since International Women’s Year in 1975. During that year key feminist art events took place at George Paton Gallery, University of Melbourne Student Union. These included a pivotal lecture by renowned international artist and theorist Lucy…

Brenda Samuels, Powerade, 2015, oil on canvas. 30x30cm

Art: Paintings by Mum

‘Paintings by Mum is an exhibition of paintings by Brenda Samuels, curated by her daughter Miranda. It runs from the 7th August – 22nd August at Airspace Projects, Marrickville. The show utilises housework as a curatorial strategy to explore ideas surrounding the value of housework, mother-daughter collaborations, intergenerational feminisms and the demographic of the ’emerging…


Mini Graff at FFA in Wollongong

            The news story that “inspired” Mini Graff: http://www.theguardian.com/business/2015/mar/06/johns-davids-and-ians-outnumber-female-chief-executives-in-ftse-100 Visit Mini Graff: http://www.minigraff.com/ LIKE Mini on Facebook This work by Mini Graff was produced as part of Mini’s Future Feminist Archive residency at Wollongong Art Gallery. Mini’s residency was supported by Arts NSW.  

A New Feminine-

A New Feminine?

A New Feminine? was an exhibition curated by Rafaela Pandolfini at Sydney gallery Airspace Projects in April 2015. Taking inspiration from interviews with Antony Hegarty (the incredible voice behind Antony and the Johnsons) Pandolfini’s organising principle has generated an exhibition that asks us to reconsider the feminine as a multiplicity of differing understandings of the world and how we live in it.…

Lee Lozano in 1971

Lee Lozano’s Decide to Boycott Women (Re-performed)

Lee Lozano’s Decide to Boycott Women (Re-performed) Elizabeth Pulie 28th – 29th March 2015, Marrickville Garage In August 1971 Lee Lozano commenced her conceptual work, Decide to Boycott Women. Initially a month-long experiment wherein she refused to speak to women in order to ‘improve communication’ with them, Lozano ultimately maintained this work for the rest of…