CAF Minutes 03

03 CAF Minutes

Wednesday 26 February 2014, Cross Art Projects

Jacqueline Millner
Catriona Moore
Jo Holder
Di Smith
Jasmine Stephens
Jane Polkinghorne
Bronia Iwanczak


– March event/symposium/workshop: Feminist Pedagogies: Teaching to Transgress



Feminist Pedagogies: Teaching to Transgress

– Pull Wiki -thon from Fem Ped and make a separate event later in semester

– CAF course assessment task: DAAO and Wiki

– air fares covered by CAF

– Jane Polk to be interlocutor for Helen Grace

Audience for Feminist Pedagogies event:

  • COFA, USYD, SCA, NAS, high school head teachers,

– Promo to go out end of week 28 Feb

– Who to do?

– bookings through SCA

Jane to email Laura Castagnini video works about from BACKFLIP screening through the day, fly her up to do intro?

– add an interlocutor for Karaoke Queens part of presentation workshop: Jeff Khan?? to address methodology of session and its proposition. JANE to contact Margaret about this possibility / potential (or not)

– Mark Shorter to perform as ‘cardigan’ wearing fuddy-duddy academic?

– Jack to moderate Karaoke Queens

– Swap running order of sessions: Karaoke queens to go last,

Jane to contact Helen Grace, Jack to introduce next week?

JANE karaoke machine hire, Jane to investigate costs, also borrowing mics from AV store, PA system

JANE to send through image for mailout to be finalised by end of week 


  • Natalie suggested 2 day structure, FRI at USYD and Sat at AGNSW
  • Jo outlined discussions with Natalie and AGNSW
  • USYD to hold more hands on stuff, formal stuff at AGNSW

2015 show

  • March International Women’s Year anniversary exhibitions
  • Shows to run 6 months either side on March
  • Future Feminist Archives: associated with an archive in a venue
  • Possibility of ending with an ACTUAL archive from all the research and various archives, places, spaces
  • Galleries are interested, various NSW spaces have expressed interest in taking part
  • May 2015 Conference Museums and Galleries in Sydney
  • Jasmine to contact Art on the Move in WA
  • Bronia spoke about SA



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