Girl at the Tin Sheds Posters

Toni Robertson, The way to a women’s heart is through her masochism, 1979; Pam Debenham, No nukes in the Pacific, 1984

A selection of posters chiefly from University Collections featuring the women artists and poster-makers who worked at the Tin Sheds, a hothouse for social and political debates. From the mid- seventies feminism, Aboriginal rights and the environmental movement galvanised the Tin Sheds, most visible in the explosion of dazzling and provocative posters. Some were collectively produced, others designed by artists such as Jean Clarkson, Pam Debenham, Jan Fieldsend, Angela Gee, Therese Kenyon, Leonie Lane, Jan Mackay, Marie McMahon, Avril Quaill, Toni Robertson, Yanni Stumbles and Sheona White. This display of historic posters coincides with the 40th anniversary of International Women’s Year.

Curated by Katie Yuill

For more information visit the Sydney University Gallery website.


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