Exhibition: Lynne Barwick & India Zegan


Lynne Barwick & India Zegan

November 16 – December 1, 2013
Articulate Upstairs
497 Parramatta Road, Leichhardt, NSW 2040
India Zegan and Lynne Barwick’s work is linked by a shared interest in cultural narratives of identity, in the blurred ground of fiction and autobiography, and in disrupting empirical language to reveal its surrounding ghosts. In a furthering of the artists’ discussions, Zegan’s abstracted portraits and Barwick’s painted text, reflect and engage each other in an open-ended conversation.

Lynne Barwick’s text pieces incorporate literary techniques and genres to examine the uses of language in contemporary art. Barwick’s installation forCloser presents a series of propositions and declarations that examine the narratives that underpin ideas of community and evolution.

Lynne Barwick, Signs & Wonders 1, 2013 (installation detail). Photographer: Felicity Jenkins

Lynne Barwick, Signs & Wonders 1, 2013 (installation detail). Photographer: Felicity Jenkins


India Zegan’s suite of twelve, blind-embossed prints are the latest addition to her Museum of Fathers – an ongoing project of applying the structures and processes of contemporary museum culture to her explorations of fatherhood and gender.

India Zegan, Ghosts: ACR/MEJ #37, 2011-2013 Photographer: Felicity Jenkins

India Zegan: Ghosts: ACR/MEJ #37, 2011-2013. Photographer: Felicity Jenkins

India Zegan and Lynne Barwick are Sydney-based artists. Their respective work can be viewed online at:


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