AS IF: When and Now – Women’s Art Register Member Exhibition — March 23, 2015

In October 2015, the Women’s Art Register (WAR) celebrates 40 years of insisting that women’s art matters. To honour this remarkable achievement, WAR will host a celebration of women’s artmaking, encompassing seven events across five venues in the City of Melbourne and one event in the City of Yarra, to showcase a dazzling array of women’s artistic contributions to the cultural landscape. One these eight events is an exhibition of WAR members (past and present) to be held at the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre (QVWC) Melbourne. The QVWC, although not a conventional gallery space, is a dynamic exhibiting forum consisting of an entrance foyer, leading to an expansive corridor with soaring ceiling. Women specific organisations bookend the gallery space. Opportunities exist for volunteers who wish to sit the exhibition, however sitting is not required.

Like all events in this celebration, this exhibition is not so much interested in the perennial question of what is art, but in the altogether more interesting query of what art does for the artmaker. Artworks will be selected which respond to the question – what does artmaking mean to you/what role has/does artmaking play in your life? Artists may choose to include wall text in response to this question and in relation to the artwork submitted. Connecting the past and present and spanning the four decades of WAR’s existence (1975-2015), the exhibition intends to stimulate thoughts for the present (and future – as if) regarding the complexities of producing art as a woman in an Australian context

For more information on how to join the Women’s Art Register visit their website.

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